Recycled, Reclaimed, Reimagined


Handcrafted Healthy Construction


Our restaurant is built on the past while also being a symbol of a sustainable future.  At the Howard Park Public House, sustainability drives us.  All aspects of our business are centered on nurturing both you and our planet.

Let's walk you through the depth of our commitment to a liveable future.

The Public House itself is built in a LEEDv4-certified building.  What does that mean?  Buildings use resources, generate waste, and are costly to operate.  Green buildings uses fewer resources, reduce waste, and reduce negative environmental impacts.  LEED equals green.

Following South Bend's lead, the Public House's design and construction techniques were planned to use the minimal amount of materials.  Everything was produced or purchased locally.  Our owner even laid our wood floors.  Handcrafted means just that.

Our finishes and fixtures also were carefully chosen to be sustainable alternatives to buying new.  A few highlights include:

Our impressive oak bar top was harvested by the owners and their daughter.  This white oak, quercus alba, came from their property in South Bend.

The beautiful tables throughout the dining area were saved during the demolition of old Chicago buildings and were restored for us.  Over 30 million tons of wood from building demolition sites are landfilled each year.  These old-growth trees are over 100 years old.

Our light fixtures and shades have been repurposed from old buckets and discarded barn lights, adding beauty and historic ambiance to the Public House.

There are many more whimsical reclaimed things in our restaurant.  Our favorite is the Howard Park Toy Box.